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Emotions are untranslatable... ethereal... ineffable...

Yet, I attempt to pour out on paper, 
sometimes struggling as much to express that exact feeling.
That's probably why I write in more than one language.

I pen my creations mostly in English, Nepali, and Hindi;
although I do also understand Urdu and Nepal Bhasha.

I am mostly writing poetry or creative non-fictions.
I do share my short fictions on my networks and clubs.
Haven't been really able to manage my time to write longer ones.

My passion for poetry is what keeps me sane in this sometimes chaotic world.
However, it is also true that no sane person would write poetry.

I bet if anyone has become clear about everything in entirety.
Then again, that would be boring, right?
It would really suck out the spice from our lives.

Okay, call me complicated!
But then, aren't we all?

Very fond of poetry-
well, of all forms of poetry;
from Ghazals to Kshanika,
from Odes to Sonnets,
from Ballads to Micro-poetries,
and everything in between.

I am a wanderer.
What's better than to explore and to be amazed!

I am a people person.
Although I love my solitude at times,
at most times,
okay at all times!
(Nah, just kidding!)
Not about the solitude part, though!

After all,
a moment of isolation is a miracle sometimes!
to wonder…
to ponder…
to reflect…
to realize…
to dream…
to decide…
to reminisce…
to remember…
to feel…
to find…
to wish…
to miss…
to love…
to live…
A moment of isolation is a miracle sometimes!
isn't it?

Apart from poetry, music is my muse.
Also an avid lover of art and architecture.
I enjoy painting too.
Also love traveling and photographing.

So, I guess,
in a gist,
I am a-
seeker of the truth...

I was supposed to write my bio, yeah?
Is it a bio? I know not.
Well, you can always check out my LinkedIn profile for my resume.
I am hoping you got to know me a little bit better
from this little glimpse of my world.

It's me...


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