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After all, Life goes on...

At the end of the day, it is your life and you will be the one to live it, experience it, feel it and sometimes deal with it too. Your life is only yours and you are the one to go through its ups and downs, you are the one who has been flooding along all the ebbs and flows.

Hello !

Have you ever wondered what's the worst thing that can ever happen to you? The options are endless, of course! For the starters, you might end up being stranded alone in an island! or you might get devoured by a gorilla!

Title-less !!!

I would like to call this piece of writing as An Open Letter to the Close Ones. However, I'm not so sure if they are close enough to be called so. So, I named it nothing. Someone aptly said if you can't change the circumstances, change your perspective.

Moment of Isolation

A moment of isolation is a miracle sometimes! to wonder... to ponder... to reflect... to realize... to dream... to decide... to reminisce... to remember... to feel... to find... to wish... to miss... to love... and to live... A moment of isolation is a miracle sometimes!

Fragmented Life !!!

For how many of us, browsing email and different social media in the morning has become a ritual? I guess, for almost all of us who is reading this right now. It's not like ten years ago, when we used to have only one email account and that was it.

Disproof of Social Proof

Back in the days, we were told, to embrace quality over quantity. Numbers didn't matter much, content did. However, in this era of the smartphones and technologies, everything and everyone(!) is measured and mapped according to algorithm. Popularity, today, means the higher number of likes and follows and shares.

The Trap

The Trap it's lonely in here... every time I hear footsteps I feel threatened... as if someone might interrupt my privacy... or break into this little den which I have finally made myself comfortable to... I hated the white walls trapping me... white ceiling stuffing me... and the white floor suffocating me...

Happy Pills

i am drowning deep into the waters... all i want is to get above for a gasp of air... struggling so hard so that i can breathe... struggling so hard perhaps i can find a rope or a wreathe... and then all of a sudden so low i dive i can not come up even when i want to...

Virtual Reality

when that view from the window and the picture on the wall cease to be different... when you can't tell what's real and what's virtual anymore... when you relate more to what's on screen than to what's supposed to be real... when every other thing seems blank...


hurried as a hurricane we lose ourselves into everyday humdrum... ... all we need to do is to just pause! ... stand still for a while ... and look around... ... how we wonder so swiftly the most marvelous moments would come find us... ... the balm of the blowing breeze...


when no one cares how you live... when no one cares whether you live... when being lonely defines you more than anything else... when you so want to but can't - to speak, to shout, to scream... when you give up all your hopes and even a drop of dream...

lost angel

you have so ruined the songs and the melodies my absolutely favorite ones as soon as i opened the door... and now that i can't listen to them anymore... would you even be ever able to whisper or to roar... and sing me the songs i deserve coz you know me so well i can't listen to them anymore...


is there any space where you can just vanish just as whiff of smoke... yet can sense that spell, the same trace... where no one has ever, ever seen your face... where no-one can really recognize your voice... where nobody will ever know you and still no-one knows...


Does every word ought to have a meaning? What meaning does a word have? Does everything needs a definition?? And who defines??? By the time, You have read it - this piece of writing... (is it even a piece of writing!!!) ...with so many words... ...words with meaning but without any meaning...

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Greetings !

My heartfelt gratitude to YOU whose paths crossed with mine. You have made my journey - a little more awesome, a little more adventuresome. Life is so much more beautiful now! For walking with me, for reading me, for the inspiration, for the love, I am indebted. Thank You!

Let's walk a mile together. Shall we? Drop me a line. I would love to hear from you.
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Happy Reading!

- Ashmita