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The Beginning
Set in the lakeside of Mirik, Darjeeling, this is a story of love. 
A story of lost love... of lost hopes. 
This is a story of Ashru - how she almost lost herself when she was heartbroken... 
and how she rises and survives. This is a story of hope... a story of a new beginning. 
Ashru literally means tears, and Ashru is the tears of my heart.

Beyond the Spectrum
This anthology contains my poetry - my soul, my reflections, my observations... 
one of my ways to express... to explore... 
to seek what is there beyond the spectrum of life, self, and relationships.

Art Adventure: Visual Arts (Volume 1)
Paperback  & Kindle
Art Adventure is a series of art critiques. This first volume features the critical analysis of selected Visual Arts, Formal Visual Elements, Principles of Design, and other important Terms of Visual Arts. The Artists whose Artworks are explored are Aung Myint, Pablo Picasso, Christian Gullager, Pierre Reymond, Eugène Delacroix, Johannes Vermeer, Vija Celmins, Leonardo da Vinci, Alexander Calder, Jennifer Steinkamp, Philippe Faraut, Enrique Chagoya, Francisco Goya, and Albert Bierstadt.

This is a collection of Hindi Poetry and Micro-Poetry. The themes used in the anthology are love, reflection, heartbreak, identity, self, and relationships.

Kindle & Paperback
Just like life is not only roses and rainbows, so is poetry. In this anthology, the poetry included are from some of the darkest times of the poet. The poet hopes to inspire others who unfortunately is going through rough times, and just want to convey that - "you are not alone" in this, and that it is not your fault. Well, Aquiver says it all - at least for now... Hoping to write about roses and rainbows too... hopefully, that will happen too someday... someday soon...

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My heartfelt gratitude to YOU whose paths crossed with mine. You have made my journey - a little more awesome, a little more adventuresome. Life is so much more beautiful now! For walking with me, for reading me, for the inspiration, for the love, I am indebted. Thank You!

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