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I wonder
I ponder
what in fact brings
the everything
I cannot understand -
because IT is so grand -
the sand and the beach
the corals and the reef
I question
all my gear
and everything
beyond the bounds
of my possession
yet so dear
I wonder and I ponder
why the winds whirl
why the waves swirl
as I wander all over the places
I wonder what makes up the spaces
what flies above the skies
that beyond the blues
yonder stars arise
I wonder and I ponder
what lies beneath the seas
how bees hum with ease
sometimes though
why the soil breathes turmoil
how blooms and boughs
survive their toil
don't you wonder
why is there a thunder
and under the clouds and the stars
is a bountiful nature that's ours
I marvel too
when the dove coos
and when all around
only love brews
aren't you also in awe
at the chirping of the birds
at the bunch of blossoms
the cattles and the herds
I wonder
I ponder
that there's so much
beyond the words
that there must be something
tying up all the cords

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Greetings !

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